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Default Re: Ryan Van Poederooyen

Originally Posted by Tutin View Post
Have you watched Gavins cymbal song? Genius. I'm really into fear factory though right now. Some of Raymond's drumming is really kick ass.

Yeah man,

The Cymbal Song by Gavin Harrison off of the "Arriving Somewhere..." DVD by Porcupine Tree is amazing. It just goes to show what you can do with a variety of Cymbals whether they are on your drumkit or not. I love Cymbals and try to use them as more of an orchestra of sounds. It's amazing what you can do with the different pitches of cymbals. Gavin's amazing at it so is Tim Alexander (Primus)... I love both these guys Cymbal work and drumming over all.

As for Raymond from Fear Factory,.... that guy is a monster. Great drummer and great guy. I know Byron Stroud (Bassist for FF and Strapping Young Lad) very well and got to meet Raymond thru him. Raymond is a chilled guy and an awesome drummer, great feet!

All the best,

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