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Originally Posted by Erik Lund View Post
He is a computer controlled robot from the future in terms of technique. Unfortunately I think his musicality comes from the same 5 seconds of drowsiness I get when I'm drunkenly about to fall asleep...Totally awufl, IMO. The music he plays is completely unlistenable...
A little harsh there Erik? Not to your tastes admitted, but extremely good technicaly; I checked out the guys that you recommended to me and found them passionate but not to my taste but couldn't describe them as awful!
I'm very biased where Thomas is concerned, I met him at the tail end of DrummerLive at the Dolbear stand and we had a coffee and a great chat; we listened to my p*sspoor cover of 'Wipeout!' on a laptop and Thomas was extremely flattering about my 'work', so at least we know he has great taste LMBFAO!!
I think that we all have our favourites and sometimes dismiss others, Thomas is an exceptional musician and we could learn a lot without being fans of his.
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