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Default Re: Derek Roddy playing some killer grooves!

Originally Posted by Tim Waterson View Post
Brett already admitted he is doing heel toe.No big sectret and 300 is not a big deal now a days..for doubles
When I hit 1289 in 2001 it was just to be the first ..
The WFD video was to show drummers how to instantly achieve speed....
He sounds a bit too cocky for what HES DOING...
Yes I appreciate MORE the fact the DEREK has very strong legs and powerful double bass.
Yes, I'm aware it's not a big secret, it just annoys me that they get all this credit. It's more the fact that his whole kit is triggered that annoys me.

And thefeckcampaign, I was talking about the technique, not the music being made. It's so much easier. I understand your point, but it's not what I was talking about.
Would like more MFB please.
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