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Default Re: Ryan Van Poederooyen

Thanks for the support and cool words guys,

Hey Tutin, to answer your question,

Tutin - What bands are you into?

Right now I'm listening to Porcupine Tree a ton. Love their music and Gavin Harrisons drumming is amazing. I actually put my PT "Arriving Somewhere.." DVD on my iPOD and just listen or watch it when I can. Primus with Tim Alexander is probably my biggest influence and one of my all time fave bands, love 'em. Other bands that I listen to regularly are Meshuggah, Rush, The Beatles, Pantera The Police, Faith No More, Dave Matthews Band (Carter is another monster of a player!), SYL, Bob Marley, Sigur Ros for chilling out, NIN, Opeth.... my god, too many to mention, I listen to so much music everyday. I also love varies Jazz, Blues and Classical from time to time. There you have it bro!

Hope that answered your question!

Hey NPX, to answer your question,

I see you like to record with a lot of different people whenever you can... what were a couple of your favourite sessions?

Man, thats a tough one cuz I've had many cool sessions with many cool artist's and producers. I'd have to say that the two I'm most proud of are Non-Human Level and Lalu.

Non-Human Level was a side project that guitarist Christofer Malmstrom (Darkane) started. He asked me to play drums, and Gustaf Hielm (ex-Meshuggah Bassist) to play on it. Darkane Drummer Peter Wildoer sang on the album. I do a lot of double kick drumming, cool beats, fills and weird time signatures on that album, it was a nice challenge and a ton of fun to do.

Lalu was another really cool session I did. It also had Annihilator Bassist Russell Bergquist on it. This was more like a Dream Theaterish type of Prog album. So needless to say there were a ton of time signature changes, weird beats and fills all over the album... full out prog. It was a blast to record.

I'm very proud of those two sessions the most.

Hope that answered your question bro.

Thanks for the questions and support guys, this Forum is very cool with great people on it!

All the best,

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