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Originally Posted by papaholdy View Post
Dude, this is going to sound like total BS, but Chris was the drummer in a band I was in many moons ago (before both Coheed and TDEP). At the time I had taken a break from the drums to play front man for a spell. All I can say is, don't let the speed fool you. He is an amazing drummer. Even back then he displayed dynamics and talent like no other drummer. I have a good story about him on my blog, check it out!

This is not a spam ambush I assure you!
Dude that IS total BS, i know the band eighthnerve (i saw brett last night) and they have nothing to do with chris pennie, will has always been their drummer. They are great, i can't believe i just found a post about them! even if it was BS.

Anyway, i am so annoyed that chris has left DEP... for coheed? come on! i'm Gil will be sick but its just so disappointing.
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