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A little clarification here... I read somewhere on a website that in addition to the green sparkle kit he used in the 1972 Austrailia tour, there were two other green sparkle drumsets he used, i.e the one he used on LZ III was a different one, the one for LZ IV was another one, and Houses of the Holy and Physical Grafitti was a third one. Is that true? Or did he use just the ONE green sparkle kit, the one we all know and love? Here's the info I found:

Bonham used three different ludwig green sparkle set on Led Zeppelin III, IV, Houses of the Holy, and Physical Graffiti. You can see him playing one of them on the "Immigrant Song" on the Led Zeppelin DVD. Pat Bonham has one of the kits that is suppose to be at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
And the site where it came from.
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