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I have been listening to Peart for 25 years. I've seen Rush 5 times and every time I was blown away. I graduated the year Moving Pictures came out and that album changed my life. Neil is a true innovator.

Neil plays the exact lick one would expect in the Rush "hits." However, when the band jumps into a jam (like La Villa S.), anything can happen. They break sections down and improvise with the best of them. I understand people not getting into Geddy Lee's voice or not liking Rush's sound but it's a bit short sighted to just say "ahh I don't get it." Try this, have you a nice fat steak for dinner (with a juicy Cabernet), dim the lights, and relax with your significant other while listening to Permanent Waves uncut. Hallalueja!
...or Hemispheres!

Play On! ;-)
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