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Default Re: hendrix vs. paige

Originally Posted by Geoff Tipps View Post
Hendrix,especially with the band of gypsies.Billy Cox on bass and Buddy Miles on drums.Blew the Experience off the map and let Jimi really stretch out musically.You can tell he was having fun playing his guitar again.
No way man The Experience was faaaaaaaaar greater than The Band of Gypsies, Buddy Miles restricted Hendrix, who else was better at improvising than Mitch??

Originally Posted by foursticks View Post
I disagree strongly - I reckon Buddy Miles' solid drumming really tied down Hendrix and didn't let him expand as freely as he would when Mitch was his drummer who was more loose and 'free' than Buddy. Now Billy Cox, Mitch Mitchell and Hendrix - that was the best line up imho.
Exactly, like foursticks said.

I love both guitarists and both bands, Zepp is my favorite band of all time and Hendrix Experience is an EXTREMELY close second, so thus this is a really hard debate for me... I have literally laid in bed for 3 whole hours trying to decide which was better..

But its like aydee said, apples to oranges... You really can't compare them, because even though they are both categorized as blues rock, they are two completely different players and two completely different sounds... Led Zeppelin is a mucccch more tighter band, even their jams were tight (Listen to Whole Lotta Love and Dazed and Confused on How The West Was Won), their musical goal was to find the pocket and fill it up with nasty bass lines, pounding drumbeats, amazing riffs and lyrics chock full of sexual innuendos. And to whoever said Jimmy Page doesn't put any emotion into them, have you heard Since I've Been Loving You, or any of the heavy blues songs?????? WOW.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience however was about musical freedom, basically every Hendrix song could go from its regular time to a 45 minute jam if he wanted, a great example of that is Spanish Castle Magic, on the record its only a couple of minutes, but at Woodstock they drag it on forever, just enjoying themselves and jammin, Mitch even gets a little solo if I remember correctly...

So what I'm trying to get at is, they were two COMPLETELY different guitarists, each with a different way of playing... There is really no un-biased way to pick just one, for me atleast, so I say, enjoy both!!!
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