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Originally Posted by aydee View Post
Ok here's a politically incorrect controversial statement - Jimi, ... the way he played chords, and riffs, and squeals, and growls, while singing, drawling and grunting those amazing songs,ALL AT THE SAME TIME, didnt really need anybody else. It didnt matter who played with him...It didnt matter If anybody played with him.

That was the power of his music. Yeah, there was Mitch and the Bass guy, and they were'nt bad but.....

ok, now you can shoot me
BANG! Your dead.

No, but really I'm going to disagree. The thing is that Mitch Mitchell was so good with Hendrix is that fact that he complimented him so well and in some songs like 'In From the Storm' its as if they're having an instrumental conversation (if you get my jist...) I've already mentioned in another thread that my thoughts on Buddy Miles and the fact that I think he was a good drummer, but too solid and stiff, whichh really tied Hendrix down and didn't let him really 'get into it'. Yes okay Hendrix's music was INCREDIBLE, his presence unbelievable, his solos something else - but he was really able to do that BECAUSE of Mitch complimenting him, giving him space at times or building up the intensity with his powerful fills. Hendrix didn't call Mitch 'his Elvin Jones' for no reason.

I might agree with you on the bass players though, maybe not Billy Cox I reckon he and Hendrix worked well together, but Noel Redding - he didn't really interest me that much. Okay now shoot me.

EDIT: Haha, it's funny how opinions change - after hearing Band of Gypsies, I'm afraid I now agree with Aydee and I think Buddy Miles was actually a better choice for Hendrix.
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