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Default Re: hendrix vs. paige

Originally Posted by khanedeliac View Post
Page was a lot weirder than Hendrix though, his obsession with Joni Mitchell, the Occult and Charles Manson....very strange, as you will have seen on The Song Remains the Same.
My point here is that Page's solos were often more self-indulgent and therefore, in my opinion, not as good. take for example, Heartbreaker. the middle of the song breaks down to silence and then this, wailing, volcanic solo that is immense, but detracts from the strong rhythmical sense of drive that song has.
dont get me wrong, towards the final months of his life, Hendrix got pretty self-indulgent too, but his playing was more coherent i think.
Just thought I'd mention that Hendrix and Joni Mitchell had sex ("made love")--back in the 60's. Interesting connection between the two? I have always thought that Led's love of Joni may be the driving force behind Robert Plant's singing like a woman... and looking like a woman.

Umm, Hendrix is so far above Jimmy Page and every other guitarist that ever lived it's not even funny. Jimmy Page learned all the blues riffs and played them right back with a little distortion. Hendrix learned them and then played them like they'd sound on Saturn. The guy could control feedback--no other guitarist has had that kind of cache on the guitar.

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