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Mitch Mitchell is probably the most underrated drummer in rock b/c Hendrix is the greatest rock guitarist, and possibly musician, of the 20th century. Even on a song like Fire, which is really Mitch's song, with (for Hendrix) relatively sparse guitar work, you can't ignore Hendrix's playing. But could any other guitarist have riden the choatic drum thunder that is Mitchell's drumming? The two were perfect musical partners. No wonder Mitch didn't play much after Hendrix's death--if you're used to filet, are you going to want ground chuck?

Despite playing straight eigth note rock (with a few exceptions, the brilliant 3/4 Manic Depression pops into mind) the guy swung as hard as any of the bop guys he grew up listening to--inserting little triplet based fills from time to time and really pushing the forward motion that swing/triplet playing sort of does on it's own.

One of my favorite Mitchell tracks is "Wait Unitil Tomorrow". If he just plays the skip notes on the ride, it's basically jazz.

Mitchell is to Hendrix as Elvin is to Coltrane: an emotional and technical player manning the rhythm section for a lead player throwing out tempo-fluctuating barrages of notes.
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