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Erik Lund
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Awesome. I love it here, now!

I'm really glad Bernhard has those tracks with Pharoah Sanders and Adam Rudolph. That was one of the first things I heard with Hamid on it - and if you can find the whole album - or iTunes - you really need to hear the whole thing - It's an amazing live show. Pharoah really turns it on in some of the other pieces.

On the video clip there:...Without trying to sound like a jerk (unavoidable but here it goes) I have never liked Irene Schweizer's playing, and while Fred Anderson sounds very impassioned there - Hamid seems to be trying to just hold it together - and I don't think it's a very good indication as to what he can do. He seemed to be "coasting" there. Not sure how many videos are out there with Hamid on them, so I guess I should shut up and be fortunate...
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