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Default Re: Dave Grohl

Ive never been a huge Grohl fan, but always respected him.
As far as his style of drumming in Nirvana's albums, well to be honest I dont think anyone could have played them any different... That was there sound. He is a pretty simple drummer, all around musician... Not the greatest, but im sure he has a great ear, great ability in the studio and experiance to back him up!
BUT being a huge NIN fan myself, for the individuals before saying "go listen to With Teeth", ok... Here it is... NIN is 99% synth controlled, im sure Dave played something, but im sure he played one or two measures, and they looped the hell out of his playing, mixed in other sounds, and by the time it was all done, it really is not even him playing...
Im not saying he is not capable of doing the double bass in the 2nd track on With Teeth, but the nature and the animal NIN is, is industrial... Yet im sure Grohl had a lot of input on what fills, and etc should take place.
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