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Thomas Lang... What can anyone say about the guy that really has not been said before... The guys tech'q, indep, stick trix, what more can anyone else say other than this guy is AMAZING... True to the words of, one of a kind...
BUT I do have to agree with some of the other guys who said there really is no feeling... And its true...
I thing Lang is amazing, but he is way too much to play soft and slow and just give a simple groove... The guy is everywhere and thats why you see him at all the clinics and promotional events he is sponsored by...
Some of the players that we all look up to and everything when we were growing up, can honestly not play like Lang, His trix, independance, techniques, BUT they had the flow and skill of musicians playing to the music...
I know that Thomas Lang is probably one of everyones favorit drummer, but come on, compare a groove between Gadd and Lang... Then you will know what I mean by feeling and putting your soul into the song, rather than performing at superhuman speed and indi!
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