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Default Re: Do YOU work?

i work 40 hours a week.... in fact... im at work right now =O hahahaha

im a drafter for an architectural firm... I find time for drumming ussualy by watchin some vids and listenin to some grooves from drummerworld while at work and then going home and practice about 3-4 hours a day... i also have multiple band rehersals with 3 differnt groups... So monday 8-11, tusday is personal practice then wednesday 7-12 then thrusday lessons with Matt Scurfield.. the drummer that plays with Gary Hoey. ( btw i just started taking lessons, been playing for nine years but i feel like theres a time where you need to be able to learn new stuff and get a really good teacher to help you. ) and then fridays i get to peform, then practice at 8 to 10 am on saturday then play saturday nights and sunday nights... so basically im playing drums all week long. =)
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