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Default Re: RVP from The Devin Townsend Band

Originally Posted by TonKpilS_657 View Post
what's it like working with devin after hes worked with the likes of gene?
It's awesome man. Gene actually recommended me to Devin when I got the gig 5 years ago. The Devin Townsend Band stuff is definitely not as crazy as the Strapping Young Lad stuff (as I'm sure you know), it's more progressive (as opposed to Thrash Metal) in a hard rock way and very fun to play. Devin pushes you as a musician and is a very open minded guy, so it's always exciting jamming with him cuz you never know what he wants to do next, it could be crazy or chilled. Either way I'm game and I always have grooves and chops ready to go when he needs them.

Hope that answers your question....

All the best,

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