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You know, honestly I can say Lars was a big insperation to me growing up. Metallica's music I love, and will continue to support them, even though I may not like everything they have put out over the recent years... But back to Lars...
Lars is good for the music they put out... All the songs Metallica put out, along with Lars drumming really go hand in hand together...
Anyone who thinks Metallica is more than a hardcore rock band, that actually has good music, melodies, is wrong.... The are a great band, great music, and all the drum, bass, guitar parts are fit together... I dont think if Lars played anything more than what he did that it would sound better...
ALTHOUGH, the one thing with Lars is that I never liked the fact he took so many fills, and did them in the weirdest parts in the song.
If you listen to the S&M album, you will see what I mean...
His drum sound, you can spot a mile away, which is cool because every drummer is looking for that signature sound.

On the black album, I saw a video on youtube, they interviewed Bob Rock and Lars regarding his drumming and sound from the album. And well believe it or not it was all cut and paste... Meaning Lars would play, play, and play, then they took the best parts and edited in a way that just sounded like it did...
Its really no surprise because now that I do session work, a lot of producers do that. At first I was a little taken back because as a drummer, personally, I feel it should just be a solid performance behind the kit and just use that take, but not cut, paste, loop, and do it all over again... But it happens, alot more than before.

Lars still rules!
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