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Default Re: Freddie Gruber - GURU

Well, I saw Weckl's video, and it was hard to understand what Mr. Gruber told BUT it was probably because of my english as second language.

My humble opinion is that Weckl is using now more relaxed and natural aproach to many things like doubles or fulcrum point for left hand. I'm not familiar with Pert case. Buddy was a genius but there is quiet many legends about him out there. He told that he never practiced but I've read (can't make quotation) he had even special pads in his touring bus! Buddy said that Gruber helped him so at least that's true.
If I would have a chance I would take one lesson with Mr. Gruber. I'm sure there is something about him if Buddy was so positive about him as well as Weckl and Pert.

I'm sure Grubers existence and friendship with Buddy doesn't have an impact on Morellos or Chapins popularity that much.
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