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Default Re: for all of you blink fans

Originally Posted by ironcobra View Post
I also don't think a thread should have been created about a band who broke up in when? 2004? Good intentions, wrong time, and if I may say so based on other peoples opinions, wrong place.
BoxcarDrummer created this thread because Blink was an important band to him. Alot of people grew up with that band and were largely influenced by Travis. I am not one of them, but I do respect peoples opinons and sincerity about thier influences. While it might seem odd to you, it probably wont to many others.

Also, you don't need to speak for the other members here Cobra. When you do, you can get yourself into a bit of a mess that you might not wanna be in. If you don't have anything nice to say about the thread.. just leave it alone. There is no need to tell Boxcar that his thread is the "wrong time".. and the "wrong place" while assuming that the other members feel the same. I assure you.. many wont agree. Some will.. but some wont.

I'm not trying to jump on you Cobra.. I'm really not. Just think before you post. We are all guilty of throwing our opinons out sometimes and we all get a little smack down every now and then... lol. Peace brother!
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