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Default Re: Favorite new band?

Originally Posted by el_frenko View Post
The Blood Brothers:
no-one i know has even heard of them, and when i play it to them they all hate it! but i love em. they're a post hardcore band with alot of high-pitched screaming, so i guess thats why they're an aquired taste.

Mr Bungle:
another "aquired taste" i beleive. but truely awesome non the less. they're crazy/hillarious/psycotic/jazzy/brutal/awesome all at the same time!
I've known about the blood brothers for awhile, some of my friends went to see them live. I'm not that big of a fan, but I might listen to them once in awhile.

Lately I've been listening to Between the Buried and Me, mostly because their new album is coming out so I started to listen to them again. I'm not quite sure if that is considered "new"..but it's definitely newer than the other stuff I've been listening too.
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