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Originally Posted by DR.WHOO View Post
Ok ok i admit....
love him with Sting (enormous)
love him with labouriel at backed potatoe
love him in joe's garage (zappa)
love him with pianist randy waldman
love him with chaka khan
but i can't stand him with karizma (dunno why but that is)
I can understand that. While I believe Vinnie is a genius on his instrument I also don't enjoy his playing with karizma. To me it is chops for sake of chops, just a personal taste thing. I find his playing with Randy Waldman beautiful. Seems like he taylors his drum sound to the music he is playing. That has always been an issue with me for Gadd. No to critize his playing, just never like the wet sound in a jazz setting but it wasn't an issue for those who hired him so what do I know?
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