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Default Re: Derek Roddy

effortless....this guy is just a master of metal. much kudos.

check this video out

Originally Posted by Henry II View Post
I met Derrick Roddy working in a local drum shop about 6 months ago. I think he just happened to be in town and was helping out the owner, a friend of his. He's from South Carolina, originally. We talked a while. I played some for him. (Yawn!). He played some of his stuff for me. OMG! HOLY FREAKIN' COW. This guy is so much better than that crap music/band he plays with. In addition to MONSTER chops, he's got the most incredible independence I've EVER seen. Multiple polyrythms between hands and feet. I never understood why any drummer needed 5 pedals on each side of the snare . . . until I saw him show me what to do with them.

In addition to that, he absolutely kills rock, funk, jazz, latin, anything. Put this guy in with an acoustic jazz trio, no problem. Latin/Funk, piece of cake. He does it all.
as much respect as i have for this guy as a metal drummer, i have to disagree. i saw him on video playing in a blues/jazz band and to say the least he did not swing. he may have been schooled enough to be playing a swing pattern, but the feel was just way too straight. this happens though with a lot of technically proficient players. see neil peart on the Burning for Buddy cd.

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