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Originally Posted by billy ward View Post
I feel like chiming in here - and mean no disrespect to anyone who has expressed their opinion here - but....

Yeah, she has a quirky feel because of her apparent lack of chops... That said, I think the band sounds great! Her unique feel on those rhythms is a big contributor to that sound in my opinion. In fact, If I had to sub for her with Jack, I would have difficulty getting that feel. To me, that makes her a very good drummer. Those who think they can do better?... let's hear your music! :D
Rather than tear down, let'slearn from what is out there and try to play better ourselves! yeah!
Originally Posted by intooder View Post
Like mentioned before, in art, effort doesn't necessarily equate to success/popularity. I felt exactly the way you do, until I listened to them more closely and realised what she was doing in the context of their music.

I feel that the tom angle is intentional, as well. I like the way the WS sound and I feel you need a different mindset to play like she does. IMO, it's someone that's been playing for a while, deliberately avoiding the rudimental approach. So she is an innovator, however simplistic.

Originally Posted by bighaibigdrums View Post
Life's not fair. Get used to it.
i'm glad all of you all said these comments, i've had all these feelings floating around while reading this thread and the many others just like it on this & other forums. the whole subject is beyond old.

when it comes down to it. i don't think she really cares about all the negative criticisms she is getting from fellow drummers. look at Ringo. similar stuff has been said about him as well. i think he and his career has survived those criticisms just fine and so will Meg's.
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