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Default Re: Mike Portnoy

I think Mike is a fantastic drummer and deserves all the respect in the world for helping make drumming more popular...I know alot of people get on his case for using the 2/2, 2/4, 2/6, etc hand foot combos alot, but thats just his style...He makes it work for him and fits the music great, so why see it as a negative? thats just my opinion...

As far a chops go--I don't see Mike as a real "choppy" drummer...If you look at his parts, he never really plays anything more than singles, and the occasional double...Sure he is always "busy", but his rudiments never get too complicated...It's how he phrases, orchestrates, and works with odd time that sets him appart and makes him unique...I see a little of Neil in him, but every drummer has a little of someonelse in their playing...I think thats a good thing...

Long live Mike!!!!!!

That shrink and grow section of "Fatal Tragedy" makes my head hurt...
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