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Originally Posted by AnthonyB View Post
It's unfair to think that a 20-something woman who started to play drums because her husband couldn't find anyone else can achieve any credit or success is very unfair. Many drummers, including myself, put their time and effort into becoming accomplished at the drums, inventing fills and generally committing themselves to their art, are ignored.
Like mentioned before, in art, effort doesn't necessarily equate to success/popularity. I felt exactly the way you do, until I listened to them more closely and realised what she was doing in the context of their music.

I feel that the tom angle is intentional, as well. I like the way the WS sound and I feel you need a different mindset to play like she does. IMO, it's someone that's been playing for a while, deliberately avoiding the rudimental approach. So she is an innovator, however simplistic.
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