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Erik Lund
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Young cats? I would say I was following in his footsteps (trying to!) but now that I'm in Los Angeles, that path has hit a snag, and now I'm doing more "mainstream" stuff... I played with Joe McPhee several times, who has played/recorded with Hamid.

I'm not sure how young his is, but have you heard Dylan van der Schyff? He is based in Vancouver, and his playing is quite extraordinary. Some really great ideas/sounds with a very deft touch. Probably not a young guy - I'd guess 40-ish...

I know a lot of young guys who think anything other than "straight-head" is junk - but not too many who are pushing the "out" stuff. I am sure they are out there, though. Actually - when I was in London, there were some really great young guys, now that I think about it. I bet most of the guys you're asking about are in Europe/Japan. The US drumming has been throwing nothing but "Groove/solid time" down everyone's throat...or at least, for the most part.
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