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Default Re: Hamid Drake

I thought there was a thread on him already... Yeah, I've seen him and met him a bunch. Super nice guy and an awesome drummer/percussionist. I saw him play with Peter Brotzmann in Amherst a while back. Then a bunch in Minneapolis. I got to hang out and chat with he and some AACM folks as one of Nikki Mitchells shows. It's funny because I listened to a lot of that music before I ever really started listening to traditional jazz and bebop so my playing kind of developed backwards as far as the "vocabulary" is concerned.

Hamid is definately a great role model in improvised music. He and Susie Ibarra are two great innovators in that realm. But even they might seem mainstream compared to some of the folks who are out there that we still haven't heard of.

Any young cats you know of following in Hamids footsteps?
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