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Erik Lund
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We went to that Tower all the time, buying discs we were just told about. I probably spent at least $500 at Tower that week. I remember all the jazz guys talking about Clarence Penn so I got "Penn's Landing" - which still sounds great.

If you worked the jazz section at all, I probably ran into you. I love that pizza place down the street by Berklee. The one with Soul Calibur in there. Also spent a lot of time at Jack's Drum shop - that's where I got my kit the next year (Yamaha Maple Custom's - 18x14, 10.5x7 14x14, with a Yamaha Signature Elvin Jones snare 14x7 - all with wood hoops on them)

I used to go down there from Vermont, and later Portland, ME all the time for their clinics that were open to the public. I met the *great* Skip Hadden at one of those clinics. I got to play with his quartet, and he agreed to take me as a student. He thought I was enrolled at the school, then I told him I was still in high school. Those open clinics they have (do they still have them?) are great.
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