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Default Re: 360* kit with lots of responsibilities

Originally Posted by PdoubleE View Post
I have 13" dark hats.. I did have the 21"ride.. but I just couldn't get enough volume out of it..After a certain point it was too much wash without definition. I had the 18crash also .. which I liked.. but I much prefer the HHX legacy which I replaced it with. My next purchace for a ride is gona be that 24" Meinl mb20 Pure metal ride.. its just unreal. I want to go to school for drumming (the kit) I feel I cant progress anymore than I have without proper instruction. I think when I get my new kit(Masterworks) home that will also open up Alot more opportunity for me to advance..
I'm the same way with it. I love the way the 21" sounds for d-n-b and jazz. I also really love the Jojo Mayer fierce Ride and Crash. If I played Sabian exclusively, I would have those, and a 17 and 19 Saturation.
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