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Default Re: 360* kit with lots of responsibilities

Lots of great questions and comments guys. Thanks for the praise, and everything.

Originally Posted by pearl_floyd View Post
i think i'm in love...if u upgrade to a masters or reference that kit is going to be ridiculusly awesome.
First, thanks for falling in love with my drums. I would absolutely love a Masters/Masterworks/Reference kit, but I'm actually thinking about getting the BSX session customs. the Birch records so well, and I would keep a few of my EXs for small gigs.

I'd save the Masterworks/Reference for if I got an endorsement, or the first time I do a mainstream tour, which will probably be a few years off, if ever!

Originally Posted by Jon Cable View Post
Nice setup, although I'm more of a fan of basic 4 or 5 piece sets
I do love playing a basic kit, but with d-n-b, you do want a couple unique sounds, which is why I put a 2nd crash, weird splash, filter china, and splash hats. The front kit is to please my d-n-b aspirations, and possibly to play jazz gigs with.

Originally Posted by mofle View Post
How do you play that smal bass\tom, where you get in? I see no double pedal hooked to it, or this that coming?
Overall sweet set-up! Love the ging drum, and 360 thing!
Alright, to get in the kit, there's a break around where the small bass/tom is. If you look at the 2nd picture, you can see it.

The small bass/tom is a 16"x16" Pearl Export floor tom, and it's mounted on a DW 9000 series bass drum/tom riser. You can see a pic here I mounted the drum on the riser, and then I use an older Pearl Right-Footed double pedal to use it as a remote drum as part of the foot-ostinato kit. It sounds pretty cool. I also reach down and play it with a stick as part of playing the front kit.
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