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Default Re: 360* kit with lots of responsibilities

Originally Posted by SLEEPY BRiGHT EYEZ View Post
That looks like a lot of fun. If I had that much room for my kit I'd try a 360 myself.. I would have to get rid of everything else in this room but the drums. heheh
Thanks. I wish that the back wall and wall stage right was pushed back a little further so I had some room for mics and to actually walk around the kit, but oh well.

Originally Posted by bballdrummer34 View Post
man you are either endorsed, rich, or have been collecting for quite a long time. Love the set up.
I am neither, endorsed, rich, or have been collecting for awhile. I have relatively "Cheap" drums and cymbals. Most of my cymbals are less than $150. I'm starting to upgrade my older gear, and spend a little more money, but what I do is wait for GCs "12 month financing" and stuff like that, and then just put away the money and pay it off before interest. I've been collecting since 2000, and the only thing I have from my original kit is my FT and Gong Bass, and the 2 ZBTs. Thanks for the kind words.

Originally Posted by joeybeats View Post
Looks like more fun than a guy could handle. One question ... I recognize the moongel, but what are those two red things on your FT? Polishing rags? Or some cool and groovy item I need to check out at GC? Joey
Ironically enough, they're just wristbands. I tend to use a lot of full-wrist stroke and stuff like that, so I wear wristbands so I don't stress my wrist and such. Nothing special at all.

Originally Posted by Quadruple Groove View Post
Hey, how are those chinas with rivets? Even trashier?

And yea, nice kit blah blah haha, I hate you.
For the 8 and 10 filter chinas, I put rivets in them similar to Thomas Lang to increase the sustain. because they're so thin, they sound like little splashes, but with the waved edge and the holes, it just decays to quickly. so the rivets help. As for the Wuhan, I put rivets in it to add sustain, because it has a relatively large crack, and I couldn't throw it away. It just sounds too good now. Occassionally I'll use it as a swish on a jazz gig.

Originally Posted by fijjibo View Post
Pretty cool.

Heck, who am I kidding - THATS AWESOME!!!!!

Its like Grant Collins versus Neil Peart Versus the Rabb-meister!!!!!
Thanks again for the great words everyone. I'm not quite at their level, but I wanted to have 2 kits set up in my basement, so I have the option of playing different styles of music without having to move across the room. I'm currently working with Thomas Lang's and Jojo Mayer's DVDs hence the "d-n-b" kit, and the "Foot-Ostinato" kit. I wish I was as good as those guys, but I'm practicing. As for Neil, I'll always love his drumming, and he will always be my #1 drummer. I wish I was endorsed by Pearl so I could have Grant Collins' kit!

Originally Posted by aydee View Post
Its like a gymnasium for drums! different workout stations for different part of the music! I love the fact that you've talked about the sides as well, and using the 2 kits together sideways to discover some interesting combinations.. I think thats being real inventive. You should do a drumsolo on this monster and post it up!
Ironically, this was what I was thinking about as I was building it. Being able to play both sides each time I practice (now all 4 sides). It's helping me develop my left foot lead technuique by using left foot on kick/right foot on hi-hat, despite the fact that I'm left-handed. It's an exercise for your mind, also, to look at this kit, sit a certain way, and see what kind of combinations you can come up with.

As for the solo, I'm still trying to figure out what I can do on each part of it, then I'll worry about the solo, but thanks for the offer.
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