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Default 360* kit with lots of possibilities

Hello there,

I've been on this forum for awhile now, and I posted my kit awhile back. A lot has happened since then. My band and I are working hard on an instrumental project, and with the new semester approaching, i'm taking my kit in a new direction. I want to still have a great drumset for playing our music, and working on foot ostinatos. I also wanted a smaller, modified 4-piece for working on d-n-b, jazz, etc.

I go to school for Percussion Performance, and between instructors, Thomas Lang, Jojo Mayer, Neil Peart, etc. I'm always inspired and looking for fun things to do with drumming, and building chops.

So, in short, I decided to build two separate kits, but be able to put them together around one throne, a 360* kit. I've put up some pics of the entire kit and then I'll give the specs of each kit.

While playing around with this kit, I also realized by sitting facing the sides of the kits, I can use various parts on both kits together, with other pedals, and make a hybrid-kit of sorts.


Kit 1: D-n-B style set up (insipred by Johhny Rabb, Jojo Mayer etc.)

Drums: Pearl Export 2005 Toms and Bass w/ Pearl Snares

-Kick: 18"x22" Pearl Export
-Snare: Pearl 3"x13" Black Steel Piccolo Snare
-Aux Snare: Pearl 5"x10" Black Firecracker
-Rack: 12"x10" Pearl Export
-Floor: 16"x16" Pearl Export

Cymbals: Various (Left to Right)
-Zildjian 18" Oriental China Trash
-Meinl 8" Classics Powerful Bell
-Zildjian 17" A Custom Medium Crash
-Meinl 8" Gen-X Filter China w/custom rivets
-Sabian 13" AAX Fusion Hi-Hats
-Meinl 10" closed Hats (10" Gen-X Filter China bottom w/custom rivets // 10" Classics Hihat bottom for top)
-Splash Hats 8" (Meinl 8" Classics splash bottom // Zildjian 8" A Custom splash top)
-Meinl 12"/14" trash Hats (14" Gen-X Filter China bottom // 12" Gen-X Johnny Rabb Jungle Hat bottom w/Jingles) ((similar to the Benny Greb Trash Hats))
-Zildjian 20" ZBT ride ((aged to perfection, nice and dirty now))
-Zildjian 18" A Custom EFX Crash
-Meinl 12" Gen-X Johnny Rabb Jungle Hat top ((as splash))

Aux Percussion: LP Cyclops Tambourine mounted, Pro-Mark rattler (attached to ride)

Hardware: Pearl Curved Rack, Clamps, Stands, Pedals, Cymbal Arms, Gibraltar Hi-hat attachments.

Kit 2: Modern Rock/Prog kit set for foot ostinatos (inspired by Thomas Lang, Marco Minnemann, Gavin Harrison, etc.)

Drums: Pearl Export 2005/Export 2000 with Pearl/Pork Pie Snares

-Main Kick: 18"x22" Pearl Export
-Aux. Kick: 16"x16" Pearl Export 2000 Floor Tom (with DW cradle)
-Snare: Pearl 5"x14" Pearl Export Snare ((soon to be Chad Smith snare))
-Aux Snare: Pearl 5"x12" Pork Pie Little Squealer Snare
-Rack 1: 8"x7" Pearl Export
-Rack 2: 10"x8" Pearl Export
-Floor : 11"x13" Pearl Export Rack Tom (mounted)
-Gong Drum: 16"x22" Pearl Export 2000 Bass Drum (mounted)

Cymbals: Various (Left to Right)

-Meinl 12" Gen-X Filter China
-Zildjian 14" ZBT Hi-Hats
-Zildjian 19" A Custom Crash
-Zildjian 6" A Zildjian Splash
-Zildjian 6" ZilBel
-Meinl 8" Gen-X Filter China w/custom rivets
-Zildjian 18" A Custom China
-Meinl 10" Gen-X Filter China w/custom rivets
-Meinl 8" Classics Medium Bell
-Meinl 12" Stax (12" Classics Splash bottom // 12" Gen-X Filter China top)
-Meinl 10" Hi-hats (10" Classics Hi-Hat top for bottom // 10" Classics splash top)
-Wuhan 18" China w/custom rivets
-Zildjian 20" A Custom Crash

Aux Percussion: LP Cyclops Tambourine mounted, LP Granite Blocks, Pearl 51/2" (mounted on foot bracket) and 8" Cowbells

Hardware: Pearl Curved Rack, Clamps, Stands, Pedals, Cymbal Arms, and Foot Bracket.

If you have any questions feel free to hit me up on the forum. Also you can check out or Thanks again for reading. Feel free to leave lots of comments!
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My 360* kit
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