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Originally Posted by billy ward View Post
Hi Sam - well, the drums are up to 2800- today! :D

A distinguished member of my forum, Mainely, has jumped in on ebay to sell a Tempus snare drum and all proceeds will additionally go to my webmaster's trip to Eithiopia for AIDS. (same deal as my own kit that I'm selling there)
What is nice about this (besides Mainely’s obvious over the top generosity) is that some of you who couldn’t afford to bid on a drum set may be able to bid on this drum! Tempus makes good drums!

Here is the link to the auction:

Thanks to Bernhard for allowing this sort of announcement.

We're going crazy with the fundraising at my forum!

and.... wish me Happy Birthday today! :D
Happy Birthday Billy!

That ebay link doesn't work. Here is another:
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