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Default Re: dts one touch tuning system

Originally Posted by kmbop40 View Post
well, there has to be a reason the arbiters didn't take off, either because they didn't work right, or they didn't retrofit current drums, or some unseen reason like, they look goofy to some people, or maybe just bad marketing.

they may have also been expensive to either make or sell, so they were either not making enough profit off of each sale, or no one was buying them beacuse of the high prices.

Arbiters tuning system stayed on the drum, its not a modualr thing like DTS. They got a good review in Modern Drummer Mag (9-98) from Rick Mattingly, then just dissapeared. Someones gotta know something.

Did Guitar Center (US distributor) screw Arbiter over? Patent issues in america? Was Ivor Arbitor the type to say "*uck all! If I can't have it no ones getting it." ?
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