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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

real name? Caleb Comstock
age? 23
how long been playing?
four years
origin of user name?
my parents gave it to me
top 5 drummers?
five biggest influences on me have been my dad, billy cobham, buddy rich, dave witte, and art blakey
make of drumkit?
make of cymbal?
some zildjian, some meinl
where do you practice?
anywhere that i can
are you in a band/s?
taking a break right now, and realizing that not having bands to play with SUCKS (had multiple things going with friends for a while until i took a job in a different state; now i'm very homesick).
covers or originals?
originals (well, aside from the grindcore cover of "carry on my wayward son"...)
what style of music?
one of em was a southern rock band with some real funky stuff goin on, and one was a metal band called amish acid dealer which was headed in a direction i would describe as "grindcore bebop" before we kinda went our separate ways and myself and one of the guitarists (who's also a great pianist) started playing a lot of free jazz with some other dudes...needless to say, i need to get back home because i miss all of it.
favourite take out food?
tacos, tortas, burritos, gorditas, koketadas...anything you can buy from a cart
united states, usually texas but oklahoma right now
one really odd fact about yourself?
hmm...kinda hard to narrow it down to just one...but it is really odd that i didn't start playing until after i moved out of my parents' house even though my dad was a drummer (semi-pro, gigged in bar bands for like 30 years) and there were drums in the house during most of my growing up years...
how did you start drumming?
funny story...

i was 19 at the time, and i was playing "tony hawk's pro skater" (the first one, on original playstation). i had the warehouse level maxed out on points, like, over 600,000 (which was a lot on the first tony hawk game). to do it, i'd have to repeat a certain unbroken line of tricks several times within the alotted two minutes, and since the number of points for each trick decreases with repeated use, i had to improvise the order of the tricks i was stringing together within the larger line. it's necessary to keep variety in mind when doing this in order to keep the scores high and not depreciate the overall value of each successful line, but at the same time you have to tastefully apply the tricks because there are some that will just make you fall down and lose all of your points if you try them at the wrong moment. when i was doing this i had recently dropped out of college, and i would spend hours after work each day "practicing." when i realized that i had been spending so much time learning to coordinate a long, complex, time-sensitive, repetitious combination filled with minor but important improvised phrases of button-pushing over the course of a couple minutes, i thought, "hey, that's kind of like playing a song, maybe i should start learning to play my roommate's drums instead of this video game..." eventually i got my own drums, and eventually i quit my job and dropped back into school. i'm a fast learner, apparently, but i have a lot of lost time to make up for. so any time that i get discouraged about having such a late start, i just remember that jim chapin didn't start until he was 18...