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Default Re: dts one touch tuning system

I ordered all of these direct from Drumtech yesterday... one for each side... Their original suggestion was just to get them for the Bottom heads, and hand tune the top, (or visa versa, I cant remember), I went ahead and bought them for both top and botom for (10",
12",14" and 16" Toms, as well as my snare) cost me $400.... Im starting to gig, however, I will not need to adjust the toms up and down, but I bought them for the ease of just being able to keep the toms in tune with itself... call it lazy i guess, but I can't seem to tune for crap.. I've got torque wrenches, DrumDials, and by ear, and I just cant seem to get the sound that I nkow they are capable of. I've only been playing for 5 years, but I'm told it's a fine art that really takes some time, energy... and to be honest, I'd rather spent more time playing, and less time tuning. I'll let you guys know what the kit is really about... the benefits and some sounds if I can get them out of my garage, if anyone would be interested in hearing....

I did spend a great deal of time talking with Doug there are Drumtech... the way the system works, doesnt really matter how tight you tighten the lugs... they will self adjust, and make the head in tune with itself.. thats the way the system is designed... the only time you'll have to "pre tension" is maybe in the case of my snare, where I really want it to be tightened down, other than that.. All lugs should be finger tight only...
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