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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

Buddy's footwork (and everything else) was tremendous. If you listen to his recordings through good speakers, or with headphones, or heard him live, you know that his playing was totally evolved. (Crank it up! Big bands like Buddy's were meant to be heard loud.)

Not only did he play very dynamic and interesting things with his bass drum, but his use of hi-hat is like no other drummer. He used it a thousand times in every song, punctuating his ideas with crisp time-keeping, or little "mini-crashes", included the hi-hat (with his foot) into a lot of his pattern-oriented playing, and seemed to have complete independence.

The music speaks for itself. If you'd like to hear some totally awesome examples of this man's playing, I'm hosting quite a few previously-unpublished concert recordings of Buddy and his bands, on my site (free to download for personal use) at This is done with Cathy Rich's knowledge and permission. (Buddy's daughter - - I'm a moderator on that forum.)

Enjoy this incredible music and drumming!
- Mike James
(Free book download, "Drumming for Life™")
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