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Originally Posted by fourstringdrums View Post
This won't last long.
It just figures that they finally do get Dave back in, and Michael leaves while Eddie's kid takes over on bass. I guess the fan's wanting to see a FULL VH reunion will never happen, and before anyone nitpicks about Michael, his backing vocals were part of the VH sound. So without him, something is missing.
I totally agree with you, it's not the same w/o Michael. I'm not saying that Wolfgang isn't good because I'm sure he is (having his dad's DNA, he's probably phenomenal). But I think they even said in the press conference that it's not a "reunion".

I personally love the Van Hagar lineup, but there are a ton of Roth fans...and I liked him to a certain degree. I saw the press conference on VH1 and I don't know why all 4 of them had microphones because Roth answered most of the questions anyway or jumped in on the answers! We'll see how long it lasts and it should be interesting to hear some new stuff.

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