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[quote=toteman2;351307]Though the video was pretty cool, I fail to see how this relates to Virgil in anyway, or the things he's done, or is currently doing.

He is subdividing rhythms and doing polyrhythmic figures by accenting the un-obvious ( e.g.the 2 or the 4) , a 5/4 pattern with his feet under a 4/4 with his hands. If the 1 is hidden, or shifting over the course of many bars, this creates some incredible textures.

I think Thomas Lang and Steve Smith are exploring the same areas too. A time signature only means where a note is accented, or where a pattern begins to repeat itself.

Indian percussion principles have always operated on similar theories. Rhythms are based on the accented notes, or groupings of accented notes.instead of just a meter. You could almost look at them as a melodic phrase.

You are right on about all this being much older than Zakir and Trilok, but these are the guys who have brought this music to the world stage which, in my opinion, is inspiring drumset players to delve into this universe, really for the first time.


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