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Originally Posted by michael drums View Post
Oh, THANKS xush!! Nice!! cuts out and stops at 48 seconds, and it says that it's 5:15 long?? That seems kinda strange, huh?

Anyway...Thanks for that...Play On! ;-)
Originally Posted by Jason Dorn View Post
Ok I have to chime in here. Peart is my favorite drummer this is true is he the most talented drummer in the world no is he the most glamourous no. But you know what neil does have that alot of technically better drummers don't ? Neil Peart has an understanding of what music fans not just other drummers will be able to relate to.

I have seen many "technically better" drummers perform solos that as a drummer blew my mind to look around in the crowd and see alot of people looking lost and start talking among themselves and lose interest in the solo go to the bathroom what not.

At a rush show the solo is a mesmerizing part of the show that leaves people amazed and interested. This is because he uses a simplicity that the music fan can relate to and builds around harmony melody and theme.

Do people who arent drummers see a Dave Weckl solo and go home saying omg did you see him do that triple flamadiddle inverted ratamacaca poo poo. No you dont and thats because thats lost on the average listener. They sure do remember the mallet cat the cowbell fills the big band break see it is able to be related to in a musical context.

Thats why so many other drummers with chops out the roof play clubs and smaller venues Because they arent as accesible they will draw the drummers and musicians out but for the most part it doesent have that widespread musical appeal.

So is Neil Peart the greatest soloist ever certainly not. But if you ask a rock fan who has seen Rush along with many other bands chances are they are going to be very impressed with Peart and remember him as an awesome drummer.

See thats why he has become such a big name people remember him because they can relate musically to what hes doing. I cant really think of another band that has had the sucsess that Rush has that when you mention the band the average music fan says oh yeah they have that insane drummer.

See thats what Peart does he transcends drumming he is an entertainer.
good post man i completly agree
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