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Originally Posted by drummerchick435 View Post
Well today all I talked about was drums.
I do tap a lot and I think it drivers her crazy but its become second nature. If I stop tapping I feel weird.

I've also asked her if I could start gigging but she's just says no without any explaination. She also won't let me post pics of my drums or video of my drumming! I keep telling her that it will be hard for me to become a pro drummer if I don't gig but she just doesn't understand.

She won't explain about the gigging. She's says that the internet is too dangerous for me but I've only gotten approached once in the nine months I've been here but that was ,thanks to the excellent moderation here, promptly taken care of.
..and a hearty 'Well Done' to the mods!

Your Mum only does this because she loves and cares for you and parents are a misguided as everyone else about everything else. My own view is 'How do you stop kids getting run over unless they know what a car looks like and you show them how to cross the road?'. So if it was me I'd let you go to auditions and gigs but I'd probably be in the wings for a while just in case.

Have you tried reverse psychology? You could suddenly become really heavy into Satanism (just for a couple of weeks) then she'll be soooo relieved when you drop that and take up drumming again she'll be sooo encouraging :0)

Is there anyone else who understands in your family, Uncles, Aunts or another adult, perhaps your band leader who could have a word. Parents are funny about learning from their kids but another adult may have the desired effect. Seriously, until you leave home you'll just have to keep up the pressure on her.

At least you'll always have an understanding ear around us :0)

Keep smiling
OK, OK It's back to rudiments for me! I'll be back in a few months
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