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Default Re: Buddy Rich "Double Bass"

Originally Posted by Old Doc Yak View Post
Interesting story behind this. As we all know, Louis Bellson, performs on a kit that features two kick drums. This was a new idea at the time and Louis was doing some really nice patterns on the double kick. Some of Louis fans irritated BR by bringing up how good he was. According to Mel Torme, who was friends with BR, Buddy commented that "Louis better learn to play one bass drum before he screws around with two". At that time Buddy and Mel were opening together at the (I think)Paramount Theater in NYC. Right before Torme was to go on Buddy kicked off a real flag waver, fast tempo tune. During the song, he left his kit and went to the front of the stage where he had just two bass drums - nothing else. Torme said that BR played " the damnedest drum solo" he'd ever heard. With just his feet!! Typical Buddy.
great story! I personally thought Buddys hands, not his feet were his greatness. If you were to isolate his footwork, it did'nt seem like anything special. Would I be right in saying that?
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