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Originally Posted by matt986 View Post
How bout them Cowboys???? Come on, show my guys some love...Here's why:

Offense: Flozell Adams, T.O, Terry Glenn, Patrick Crayton, Julius Jones, Tyson Thompson, and Jason Witten.

Defense: Roy Williams, Aaron Glenn, Terence Newman, Chris Canty, Marcus Spears, Demarcus Ware, Bobby Carpenter, Greg Ellis. Can you say BRICK WALL!!

I won't say they are going all the way, but they have a helluva shot and are probably one of the most underrated teams in football right now.
Heres one you forgot to mention...COACH: Wade Phillips???

This prediction from a very good source sounds about right to me.

"The Cowboys get a “B” grade all around. This team is not sensational, but they are very good. They do everything pretty well. Get ready for a sophomore slump out of Tony Romo who catapulted to stardom and a Pro Bowl way to quickly as QB of America’s team. As long as the circus is in town (Terrell Owens) expect the Cowboys to come up short because of all of his distractions. The offense will likely experience some growing pains under first-year offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. We’ll see just how valuable the Big Tuna really was to this team this season. My guess is that he was worth a lot more than people gave him credit for."
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