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Default Re: dts one touch tuning system

I am seriously considering trying these out. I have always thought that having lugs on a drum which had to be tuned to the same tension was primitive compared to what was being done in simlilar applications in the manufacturing world.

In other words, why should I be spending all this time making them all the same when I could just connect them all somehow and have one turn affect all equally? Am I a slave to tradition?

Plus, how many of you have actually experimented with all of the possibilities of relative head tension? What do your drums sound like when the top head is a fourth higher? or the same pitch? Most guys are happy if they get a good sound and they leave it alone. I know I don't have the time to properly experiment. For me, this is a bigger selling point than the speed thing.

Remember, tuning is NOT an art. The piano player is an artist, the piano tuner is a craftsman. We just need to get the job done so that we can then display our art.

The only place I can't see it working would be on the bottom snare head. Snare beds require the lugs near them to be cranked higher to achieve the same tension.

If I get them, I'll post a review but it is worthwhile to note that MD, DRUM, and Drumhead mags all loved it.
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