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I was just being a little goofy with that post. But seriously, I'm pretty sure that he if has an endorsement agreement with Zildjian he's not supposed to play Paiste cymbals in public. Maybe that's not something they really enforce or maybe that's not the way it works. Supposedly Neil Peart played a Wuhan china when he was endorsing Zildjian and apparently nobody at Zildjian objected. But now he's playing Sabian and he plays a Sabian china from his own signature line. I guess that's a little different because Neil Peart has his own Sabian line and he gets a percentage of the profits as far as I know. I've only seen Al Foster once, and from where I was sitting I couldn't tell what he was playing. Either way, he clearly makes them sound great.
Cool. I understand.
The thing about Al you have to understand is that he is so far above the business end of endorsements. He is about the music.
Bascially, I think he worked it out with Zildjian so that he plays some Z hihats and a crash but still keeps playing his Paiste ride. They tried to duplicate the sound but couldnt and Al is known for that signature ride sound.
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