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Originally Posted by Jazzmojo View Post
I'm not exactly a drummer. My last lesson was in the 6th grade and I thought it was neat that I got to flip the little spring thingy to make the drum sound different for a change...I digress. I am clearly going through a quarter-life crisis and I am about to start over as it were...Travis has a lot to do with that. He's done something (for me anyway) that I've never heard anywhere else (long time music fan, dropped band for choir and still went through the high school music theory class).

On "Adam's Song", the first two verses are about "Adam" being lonely and suicidal. He locks himself in his room, alone, listening to music and getting more depressed. Every time the music gets to this part of the song, when Adam is in his room, listening to loud music, waiting for someone to show him that they care about him, Travis makes a series of very sharp snare hits that sounds exactly like someone knocking on a door...but with the rest of the drum track and Mark and Tom's loud Bass+Guitar playing, it's easy to miss it...easy enough that I've never heard anyone else talk about it in the 7 years since the song came out.

I don't know if he did that on purpose, but knowing how much psychologists talk about how any outreach to a suicidal person will more often than not be enough to snap them out of the depression (at least for a short time), that makes the knock at the door turn that song into 100X more effectively depressing than it already was.

For me, in those few places, Travis took his instrument and made it, not just part of the music, but part of the story.

and that is genius...

my opinion...


Or maybe his left hand spazzed out for a moment.

I'mj confused though, are you saying that Barker mimicking these knock on the door makes it more depressing to listen to for someone who's suicidal, or that it works to reach out to someone who's already suicidally depressed? And what's wrong with a Leonard Cohen album and a bottle of red wine these days?
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