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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

Real Name - Danny Lease
Age- 41
Playing - On and Off about 25 years
Origin of Username- Well my first name is Danny and I play a Sonor Force 3000 series set. Put em together and whadya got......
Top 5 drummers- Steve Smith, Neal Peart, Dean Castronovo, Myron Grumbacher, Will Calhoun
Drumkit- Sonor Force 3001 Indigo Purple
Cymbals- Paiste 502 and Alpha Series
Practice - At Home
In a band - Two actually
Covers or originals- Covers
Style - Classic Rock, Blues Rock
Take out food- Pizza
Country- US of frikken A
Odd fact- Never really started playing seriously with a band till after I was 40
How did I start drumming- Can't really remember who it was but I remember watching a Big Band Drummer playing on TV and saw how much fun he was having and decided I wanted to have that much fun