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Default Re: New kit...parents say no.

I think you shouldn't complain that your parents don't support your drumming enough.
From what I remember from some of your older threads, you have a basix drumset and a tama, you have a nice set of cymbals, you have a recording room... Now, how many 16 year old drummers can say that? I can't. I know a lot of guys whose parents won't even let them have a drumset... Of course, I also dream away when I see all the guys on this forum posting their custom made jazz sets, their shiney cymbals, but you gotta stay serious. And you're 16, you'll be playing for at least another 50 years, so your taste and sound preferences will also change... That's why I would wait buying a custom kit... If you wait long enough, you'll hopefully get some money with gigs, maybe you can search for a job, and then when you're eighteen and more experienced in sound and drums (I know you already are a great drummer!), you can buy your dream kit, and you'll love your kit even more because you worked for it, you waited for it, you dreamed about it...

But that's just what I think of course...
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