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Default Re: Roger Biwandu here...

Originally Posted by Roger Biwandu View Post
Bonjour Mind_Drummer,

Thanks for your message.

I was in Montreal third times in one year, twice in the great Spectrum (I love to play there and I'm very sad that they gonna destroy it...) with Salif Keita, and one time with the GREAT Joe Zawinul for the jazz festival.

I'm ok wit a band named Chic Hot, the name of the album is "Satyagraha", you can hear on song on my website

And most important, my album (acoustic jazz) should be release by next september/october, I'm VERY proud of the whole thing as I did write most of the music played.

All right, thanks again for your message.

Merci Roger de ta réponse.

Yeah I agree it's sad about the Montreal Spectrum.

I listened the tune on your web site and there's some great playing right there.

Awesome is the right word.

Looking forward for more...

Thank's for sharing.

Take care A+

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