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Originally Posted by JJJ View Post
Hope you all had a chance to pick up the new Traps magazine with Bonham on the cover. I'm always impressed with his ergonomics of the set and tell my students to study how little motion he put into playing. Everything from pretty much wrist movements and slight arm motion. All drums set up above waist level, good positioning of snare and toms, there's still so much to learn from him. What a great sound with minimal effort. He even sat rather low for the day. Check out the mag or go to the website.
Don't. tell your students to look at the danish TV Led Zeppelin performances that's when Bonham first starting out and he looks like he's trying to go through the drum heads and the Fisher-Price(single-brased)cymbal stands are just rocking back & forth.but if you look at The Song Remains The Same you can tell he getting the volume & power without totally slamming the kit which reminds me I can't. wait until they re-release The Song Remains The Same in Nov.07 it's gonna have all the songs from Madison Square Garden
plus outakes and all the other goodies you would expect from a Zeppelin re-release.everybody get your Christmas list ready.

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